Leverage the power of a USB Hub and Know the Difference

QacQoc GN28A USB C HUB Gray

Most computers these days come in with about three USB ports or so and not more. This becomes gradually difficult to cope with if there is a need for more connections to be made to the same computer. The only breakthrough to this problem is having a USB hub, which is an external device having many USB ports that can solve the need for more USB ports to connect to the same computer at a time.

What are its features?

A traditional USB hub ever since it was out on market in the initial stages was something that was used to facilitate more USB ports. But now USB hubs come in with more functions – It can also read memory cards or various sizes (be it that of a phone, camera etc.), has a provisions to connect Ethernet cables.

One such USB hub is QacQoc’s USB-C Hub that comes with three super speed power delivery USB 3.0 ports. It has an HDMI port along with a SDHC port, micro SDHC port and a USB-C input charging port that works for a 12-inch Mac Book.

USB-C hub with its USB power delivery enables full speed Mac Book recharging while it is simultaneously connected to the high speed USB 3.0, SD and micro SD card. The data is transferred over at an incredible speed, ranging up to 5 Gbps. At this speed, movies that has high picture resolutions can be moved over within a matter of seconds. Further, it has a sleek design built of Aluminium alloy, of build grey finish that goes along with the design of new Mac Book – an Apple product and other laptops. There is a 12 month warranty period provided for this product with friendly and easily reachable support to address all your problems and answer all your queries, hassle free. This particular product works with OS X 10.2 and above of Mac products and XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 of Windows. It works well with Linux as well.


A USB hub is a device that makes your life easier when you have troubles of having limited number of USB ports in your computer to connect to. These days, USB hubs come in with a lot more features than you can imagine. The link shared above is one of the great USB hubs you ever get for a reasonable price. It even has the function of recharging your device. USB hubs are the devices you need when you plan to have a LAN connection with many laptops at your place. All-in-all, a device worth buying, a product worth investing in, to depend on various functions and features which would not have been possible otherwise.

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