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    In this article tutorial we I’ll explain to you how to perform a screenshot on Mac devices. This, in turn, tutorial will also serve to be useful teach the reader to learn of how to perform screenshots using iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air altogether., since as well as all the above mentioned devices use Mac OS X.

    How to Perform Screenshots on Mac, iMac, and MacBook Pro

    First up, we will let’s review the keys to be used. in order to perform the screenshot.

    Buttons to consider

    To perform screenshots on our Mac, iMac, etc., we must consider are going to use the numeric keys – as opposed to what happens on devices utilizing Windows 8 or when we’re as well as performing screenshots in Windows 10 and have the ability to use the (“print screen”) key on the keyboard – which you will be the ones we combine with two special keys, such as the Shift key and the Command key., which is basically the Windows key on PC keyboards.
    · Shift key: we can find this key in two places on the keyboard: one to the left between the Caps Locks key and the Control key; and one key to the right above the right Control key and under below the Enter key. The keys surrounding the lattercan vary among keyboards in that they may be located above the arrow keys and underneath below the Enter key.
    · Command Keys: this key is also usually located twice on our your keyboard, and is always situated to the right and left at both sides of the space bar.
    . Numerical keys: these are the well-know numbers of the keyboard. They are located above in between the alphabet/letter keys and below the single-row function keys (F1-F12). Moreover, some keyboards, moreover, have what is known as calculator mode on the right side.

    How to perform a screenshot on Mac

    Once the distinct keys locations of the keys is understood are known, we you will see which are the unique key combinations that will allow us you to perform screenshots on our any Macs computer. As we you will see in the following section, there are many possibilities when it comes to performing a screenshot: I show you into the next section!

    Complete screenshot

    This is the First option is and we will to use next combination it to obtain a full screenshot of the entire length and width of the screen in that moment. To achieve this, we must keep pressing the Shift and Command keys, and then without releasing, press the number 3 key. That is, from a visual perspective:

    Combination to perform a full screenshot on Mac
    Once completed you done, the image captured image is then will be already saved on the to your desktop.

    Screenshot of a highlighted section

    The second option given to us by Mac is to capture a desired portion of the screen. To achieve this, we must press the Shift and Command keys as in the previous option, but this time we press pick the number 4 key instead. of the number 3. When we do this, the cursor becomes a crosshair symbol, as seen here: .
    When the crosshair symbol appears, we must select the portion of the screen we wish to capture. The combination, from a visual perspective, is as follows:

    Combination to capture a highlighted portion on Mac screen
    As in the previous option, the captured image will also be saved to the desktop.

    Screenshot of an active window

    This option is a variation of the previous option. On the top of the previous option, after pressing the Shift, Command, and number 4 keys, we then add to press the space bar. Now, instead of the viewfinder, we see a camera with which we must select one of the active windows in order to capture only that window. The following would be the combination for this option:

    Combination for capturing an active window in Mac

    Combination for capturing an active window in Mac

    And, if there remains any doubt, the image is saved to the desktop.

    And What if you still haven’t been able to perform a screenshot on your Mac …
    We really hope that with this tutorial you’ll have been able to perform a screenshot on your Mac without any problems. If not, remember that you can go to our application page, where we recommend downloadable apps from the App Store with which you can perform screenshots:
    Here you are a list of applications to perform screenshots on Apple devices

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