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    In this practical instructions we show you some tips on how to thoroughly clean your MacBook

    MacBook: Cleaning the screen and casing

    MacBook cleaning


    Especially the screen of the MacBook often becomes a victim to dust. To clean it and the rest of the casing you need an absorbent cloth and some LCD-Cleaner. You can get it at amazon and we’ll show you how to completely wipe a macbook pro.

    • Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the device but on the cloth and then carefully clean your screen and casing. Be especially careful with the screen because to much pressure can easily damage it.
    • Avoid a moist cleaning of the backboard if you can’t remove the battery.


    MacBook: Cleaning the keyboard

    MacBook: Cleaning the keyboard

    To clean the keyboard of the MacBook you best use a microfibre cloth and a soft brush.

    • Wipe the Macbook key caps gently with the microfibre cloth.
    • Crumbs or dust in the crevice next to the keys can be gently removed by brushing it out with the brush.

    MacBook cleaning - the best tips

    MacBook: Cleaning the fan

    Cleaning the fan of your MacBook is not entirely innocuous. You will lose any warranty by opening the device and are also exposed to the risk of damaging the MacBook irreversibly. For this, you better get in contact with a service partner. If you still want to continue, you can use the following steps.

    1. For opening the back we need a crosshead screwdriver and a Torx screw-wrench. With older models you might also need a Pentalob screwdriver. Additionally you might consider pressurised air to really get all the dust out of the fan.
    2. As is the rule for all replacement measures for electronic devices: ground yourself before you start working on the interiors of the computer, otherwise you might cause irreversible damage on the sensitive hardware. To do this, simply touch a radiator. There are also so called grounding bracelets for professionals. Make sure that your MacBook is turned off and separated from the current.
    3. Loosen the screws on the bottom and remove the cover.
    4. For maximum security, you should remove the battery first. You can simply take it out with newer models or with older models remove the fixation screws and unlink the connection cable.
    5. Now we are going to clean the fan. Separate the cable of the fan from the mainboard. Be extremely careful and use a nonconductive staff like a ball pen lead.
    6. Then loosen the Torx screws with your Torx screw-wrench and take out the fan.
    7. Fixate the fan wheel of the fan and use the pressurized air to clean the fan. Also, remove any dust that might be fan position (with pressurized air as well). Cover other parts of the MacBook with paper so that the dust does not spread throughout the MacBook.
    8. You have successfully learned how to wipe a macbook pro and all of the above steps are being thoroughly explained in the following practical video.
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