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    MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro

    Apple has always for years developed its quality laptops which have given its customers a variety of options to choose from and as such we are going to review the differences between two of its famous laptop versions; the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

    As a buyer of a new laptop you might be wondering which laptop you should acquire, is it the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro? Both of these two devices are high-end products and the following review will guide you on the differences between the two laptops. The review carried out is based on the 13inch versions of both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The review has focussed on the devices technical specifications which include the Processor and RAM, dimensions and weight, Screen and resolution, Battery life, graphics and gaming, storage, ports and peripherals and their respective price. All this is done so as to ensure a clear undestanding of thre differences between the two


    When it comes to price the MacBook Air laptop is relatively cheaper as compared to the MacBook Pro. Currently, the MacBook Air retails at $898 whereas the MacBook Pro (without touch bar) retails at $1279(Prices at Amazon).

    The MacBook being sold in 2 default configurations, priced at $898 for 128 GB SSD and $1,098 for 256GB SSD of Storage. If you fancy the MacBook Pro 13 with a touch bar it retails at $1,698 as opposed to the one without a touch bar which retails at $1279 as earlier stated.


    Coming to the processor department, the MacBook Air has a processor specification of 1.8GHZ 5th generation Corei5 Dual core processor which is upgradable to 2.2GHZ.

    The MacBook Pro has a processor specification ranging between 2.3GHZ and 3.1GHZ 7th generation Intel corei5 Dual core processor. With respect to whether your MacBook has a touch bar or not, a MacBook Air with a touch bar processor can be upgraded to a processor of up to 3.5GHZ while the models without a touch bar can be upgraded to a processor of up to 2.5GHZ. Therefore as seen above the MacBook Pro has a superior processor.


    Another important difference when it comes to distinguishing these two models is that the MacBook Pro uses the modern Kaby Lake chips processor while the MacBook Air uses the 2015 Broadwell processors.


    Both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are equipped with an 8GB RAM. But the difference is this; the MacBook Pro laptop model RAM is capable of being configured or upgraded up to 16GB and its RAM runs at 2133MHZ. For the MacBook Air, it’s 8GB RAM runs at 1600GHZ.


    The MacBook Pro is 1.4cm thick and weighs 1.37kg’s while its body dimensions are 30.41 by 21.24cm. The MacBook Air is also slightly thinner as compared to the MacBook Pro and it’s 1.7cm thick and weighs 1.35kg’s.

    The other difference that points itself out is that MacBooks Air’s thickest point is thicker than MacBook Pro’s at 1.7cm due to the fact that It’s gradient decreases to 0.3cm at the end.



    Both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air laptops come with lithium polymer batteries which all cater for a maximum battery life, but the difference between the two batteries is as follows;

    The Average battery life for the MacBook Air is 12 hours whereas that of MacBook Pro’s is 10 hours. The reason why MacBook Pro has a lower battery life is because of it’s smaller battery and heavy workloads.

    The MacBook Air superb Battery life means that the laptop can run for a half a day without requiring any additional charge. Another amazing fact is that the MacBook Air has 30 days standby time.



    The MacBook Pro boasts of having one of the most colorful and brightest notebook display. It features a bright LED backlighting and has huge contrast ratio capable of delivering bright whites and deep blacks. The MacBook Pro also has Retina display and its screen resolution is 250 by 1600.

    On the other hand, the MacBook Air doesn’t have a Retina display, therefore it’s Pixel density is much lower. It features a screen resolution of 1440 by 900. The MacBook Air also features a LED-backlit display but the difference is that for the MacBook Pro, it adds IPS technology towards Its LED technology meaning that it supports wide viewing angles and displays richer and accurate colors.

    As for the Aspect Ratio, of both laptops use a 16:10 ratio.


    Nowadays, there are lots of Mac games than ever before. Mac gaming scene has really improved since Macs began using the same Intel processors as the windows Pcs. The MacBook Pro uses integrated Intel graphics which includes the Intel Iris plus 640( Integrated into MacBook pro with a touch bar) and the Intel Iris plus 650.

    MacBook Air only has Intel HD graphics 6000 which is a number of generations behind and as a result of using less superior graphics the MacBook is not in a position to support Intense graphics work and heavy gaming.

    Also despite the fact that the MacBook Pro is capable of playing modern games, it’s not recommended for playing with games of high graphics setting and as such if you are a gaming fan, it’s advised to use a Mac that has discreet graphics card such as the 15inch MacBook Pro or you can purchase an iMac.


    MacBook Air available storage options include a choice of either 128GB or 258GB storage capacities or you can go for a 512GB capacity build to order option. As for the MacBook Pro. It offers a storage option of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage as well. But you can opt to go for the 1TB build to order option.

    In both models they use SSD giving you a fast and quiet storage.



    The MacBook Pro is designed with Thunderbolt 3 ports which represent Apple adoption for the USB-C ( commonly referred to as the Thunderbolt 3). These ports are among the most versatile and powerful ports ever. Thunderbolt developed by Intel in 2011 were developed as improved versions of the USB 3.0 which were transferring data at the rate of 640MBs per second. But by now the new Thunderbolt technology It’s capable of transferring twice as that amount of data per second.

    With that being said, Thunderbolt 3 combines Ultra high bandwidth together with Ultraversatility of the USB-C creating a revved-up Universal port.

    The MacBook Air uses a rather traditional set of ports; it features two USB 3.0, a Mag safe 2 for charging, Thunderbolt 2, and an SDXC card slot. It’s also designed with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.



    •  Screen Display Retina Display, 13.3 inches
    •  Screen Type LED-backlit display that comes with IPS technology.
    •  Storage Choice of 128GB, 258GB or build in order of 512GB.
    •  RAM 8GB LPDDR3
    •  Processor Intel corei5 1.8GHZ
    •  Operating system Mac OS
    •  Hard drive 256 GB Flash memory in solid state
    •  Graphics  Intel Iris Graphics 6000
    •  Graphics core processor HD 6000
    •  Chipset brand Intel
    •  Wireless 802.11 ac Wifi wireless networking
    •  Card Description Integrated
    •  AudioThunderbolt dual microphones
    • Stereo speakers
    • 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Capable of supporting Apple iPhone headset
    • Support for Inclusive audio line out
    • Ports Supports 2 USB 3 ports that run up to 5Gbps
    • MagSafe 2 power port
    • Thunderbolt 2 ports
    • SDXC card slot
    • 3.5 mm headphone jack
    •  Keyboard Comes with a fully sized backlit keyboard
    •  Battery life 12 hours


    •  Screen display 13 inch diagonal equipped with LED-backlit display
    •  Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
    •  Operating system MacOS Sierra
    •  Processor Turbo boost for up to 3.5GHZ
    •  Graphics Intel Iris Graphics
    •  Graphics compressor Integrated Graphics
    •  RAM Speed 2133MHZ LPDDR3
    •  RAM Size 8GB
    •  Chipset Brand Intel
    •  Card description Integrated
    •  Communication Comes with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology
    • Has integrated Camera with 720 pixels
    • Wireless LAN 802.11 ac
    • 4 Thunderbolt 3 USB C ports
    • Audio Has internal microphone together with dynamic stereo speakers
    •  Memory 128 GB



    The MacBook Pro is a more powerful laptop than the MacBook Air. It is more lightweight in nature and provides superb glitch free graphics, together with its powerful processor it delivers a high performance than the MacBook Air. Some of its standout features that have been able to differentiate it with the MacBook Air are as follows;

    1. It’s Colorful Retina Display

    This superb display feature has made the notebook to have the best ever Mac notebook display. Moreover, its display features a bright LED backlighting together with high contrast ratio enabling it to deliver deep black and bright white display. It comes with a huge pixel aperture and a variable refresh rate making it power efficient. Its display is in a position to support a wide variety of color.

    1. Touch bar and touch ID

    This feature also greatly distinguishes the MacBook Pro from the MacBook Air as its touch bar replaces the function keys that have always been on the keyboard, improving versatility and capability of all your commands. Different system controls e.g volume and brightness , different interactive ways to adjust or even browse through various content, intelligent typing features like predictive text and emoji are now made available. The MacBook Pro now caters for Touch ID enabling instant access to logins and many more functions.

    1. It’s a way faster

    Call it the speed master. The MacBook Pro moves the notebook world to a whole new level of portability and performance. Wherever your ideas and thoughts take you, you will surely do that faster with its high-performance processors and its cutting-edge graphics.

    1. High graphics performance

    The MacBook Pro differentiates itself with the MacBook Air through its high graphics performance. It’s outstanding graphics combine outstanding power with outstanding efficiency. It’s top end RAM comes out top on configuration giving a much more fluid and perfect real-time performance enabling you to tackle high-end tasks like rendering 3D titles in the Final cut pro x.

    1. Top quality ports and peripherals

    The MacBook Pro adopts the latest USB-C technology( Thunderbolt 3) making the ports to be among the most versatile and powerful ports ever. It also has superb peripherals such as dynamic speakers that produce beautifully balanced and high fidelity sounds.


    Despite the MacBook falling behind in a number of key areas as compared to the MacBook Pro, it has been able to differentiate itself from the MacBook Pro in the following areas

    1. It has an impressive battery life

    Its average battery life is larger than that of the MacBook Pro, and it goes for an impressive 12 hours without requiring any charge. It also has an impressive 30 day’s standby time. All this is made possible due to its compact SSD storage giving it plenty of room for a big battery.

    1. Amazing thing design

    The MacBook Air weighs 1.35 kg whereas the MacBook Pro weighs 1.37 kg’s proving that the MacBook Air is slightly lighter. All this is because the designers ensured that they reconsidered each and every detail of the component so as to minimize space while maximizing performance.


    As seen above, the two Apple laptop models that is the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro can easily be differentiated based on their features. In many technical specifications as seen above the MacBook Pro has outweighed its counterpart the MacBook Air in a number of key areas, this is partly because the MacBook Pro has been designed to use the latest technology (e.g the thunderbolt 3). However, the MacBook Air has outweighed the MacBook Air has slightly outweighed the MacBook Pro slightly in a number of areas such as it’s battery life and its amazing thin design. And in terms of affordability as the MacBook Air is the cheapest option between the two. However, if you desire reliability, speed, efficiency and improved multitasking the MacBook Pro is the way to go

    Despite all these, both the two devices have failed when it comes to heavy gaming and especially those games that require a higher graphics end setting device. Therefore, heavy gamers are recommended to purchase the iMac or the 15 inch MacBook Pro. However, this is not to say that the both devices cannot play any Mac games.


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