Last Updated on October07, 2017

Can the hub charge the mac at the same time?

Yes absolutely it will charge the Mac by supplying aux power

How do I get in touch with the "easy to reach" Warranty ?

If you have any doubt or find any problem with our product, please contact us through “Contact us” section on website: You will normally get replied in 24 hours.(Normally in less than 12 hours)

Does this hub work without power to the wall?

yes. You can use flash drives and such without having plugging in the charger

Does the usb-c port support data exchange,or just charging?

The usb-c port is just for charging.

Does the hub pass data to and from USB-A devices or just power?

Yes it passes data at super speed.

Does it work with MacBook air 2015?

No.MacBook Air doesn’t have usb-c port.This would not work with Macbook AIR which uses USB 3.0. This is designed for the MACBOOK which uses USB-C