What is the difference between USB Type-A and USB Type C?

What is the difference between USB Type-A and USB Type C

The Qacqoc USB Hub design GN30H consists of a multitude of USB ports to be used for connecting any form of digital media to the any apple laptop or desktop and transfer data across efficient. The USB port can host USB all types includes Type-A, Type B and Type C.

What are the features of USB Type- A?

The USB Type-A is a 1.2mm revisable USB system linking the host controller to the device. This design is commonly found using most non-apple’ mandible products such as smart phones and tablets designed by a range of brands such as Samsung or Sony. The media from the mobile device can be linked into the USB hub and enable you to connect them.

What are the features of USB Type B?

The USB Type-B is a square shape often found for monitors. Under Qacqoc recommendation, using the CN30H for your apple device is ideal for an extra extension of your digital work space. This workspace is useful for working with multiple documents and cross-referencing. The uses of this wire also extended to external devises such as scanners or printers.

What are the features of USB Type C?

The USB Type-C in comparison to the other designs is very flat. Also, the design consists of twenty-four pins inside the mouth enabling a fully reversible design. This USB type is commonly found for memory space such as a USB port. It is not common for the apple products to host this flat USB design making it difficult to share data from one computer to another is a cloud sharing system is not available. The three designs are bound together in the QacQoc GN30H which will accommodate all needs you have, from printing documents to sharing photos from your phone.

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